Cremation Center

Boone & Cooke, Incorporated operates the only full service cremation center in the Rockingham County area. This state-of-the-art facility includes an arrangement and business office dedicated solely to the offerings available in connection with today’s modern cremation services. There is a private area for any family desiring to be present with their loved one during the cremation process.

We offer a full selection of cremation caskets, alternative containers, urns, and keepsake jewelry. We also offer a full selection of urn vaults for the family that desires burial of the urn after the service. These offerings represent a broad quality and price range. Families are free to design and choose exactly the service that is right for them.

Our crematory represents the most modern and professional equipment available in the United States today. Our facility is kept in the most sanitary and clean condition at all times, and ONLY licensed and certified crematory operators perform the cremation processes. All cremations are performed individually and the cremation chamber is thoroughly cleaned between each use, so there is no possibility of comingling of cremated remains. Each family receives a certification that the remains that they receive are the remains of their loved one. This is backed by our thorough system of checks and balances, as well as documentation.

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